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    DevOps/SRE - Austin, Texas

    Job description
    We deliver turn-key cloud application monitoring for SaaS companies which takes an metrics-based approach on monitoring that allows our customers to detect and diagnose outages while providing analytics to further optimize performance and automation.

    We'd love to talk to you and tell you what we're doing. Finally, this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company while growing your career by working with experts (our customers and your co-workers).

    What we're looking for:
    Automation skills
    Experience handling mission-critical systems
    Experience developing tools for metrics gathering, monitoring, and orchestration

    Tools we use and/or would like to see you use:
    Chef, Ansible, Salt, Puppet, Terraform, or Boto (or the like)
    Strong Python and/or a scripting skills for automation, etc.
    Cloud security, scaling, and management skills and best practices
    Sed, Awk, Grep like a pro

    Bonus points:
    Analyze and optimize application operating at scale
    Java application servers and JVM configuration
    Release engineering experience along with Jenkins, TravisCE or the like
    Docker, Packer or rkt
    TDD experience

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